Weekday Booking

Weekday Bookings for Monday and Wednesday Only here!









Seniors Fees start at age 65 and older.

Junior Fees can only be booked as walking due to needing a valid Driver License (must be 16 and over to Drive golf cart)  



You can book a tee time 3 days out at Memorial Park

Weekday booking for tee times begin three days out:
Monday for Thursday
Friday for Monday

Closed on Tuesdays

Sunday for Wednesday


If you are not a member in the new tee time system you will have to create a new membership either online (Create New Online Account for Tee Times Click Here) or by calling the call center at 1-866-256-6688 for Memorial Park. Once created you can book any open times available at the Memorial Park Golf Course.

Please note, when booking a Tee Time at Memorial Park Golf Course we have around 1000-1200 people on average trying to book Tee Times three days out at 6:00am. Please be patient and know that we are trying our best to make sure the Tee Time System works well and fair for all Golfers.

Please Signup on E-Club page to receive emails and updates on When Tee Times are made available and information on how to book tee times at Memorial Park Golf Course. 





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Houston Service Helpline

To request park repairs please call 311 or 713.837.0311 or submit your request online by clicking this link.

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