Par 3 Tournament June 8, 2021

Format: Two Person Scramble

Team: 2 People

Setup: Every Hole is a - Par 3 (Nine Holes)

Start Time: 5:00 PM 

Date: Tuesday June 8, 2021

Price: $50.00 per person


 Beer (If your 21+ years of age)

Queso Bar 


For Tournament Players Only!


The Tournament Status - Full (No spots Left)

How can I sign up for the Tournament? 

You can follow this Link above, It takes you to the pass page of our booking site. 

How can i purchase two passes so my entire Team is paid for? 

You would need to buy the passes one at a time. After you buy the first (Par 3 Pass), you just need to go back into the passes again and purchase one more.  

How can i play with my friend/Teammate? 

We are sending an email out, after tournament fills up. This email will ask you who's on your team and if you are playing with another group you know. When you get the email make sure you fill out the answers for the questions provide and only hit Reply (not reply all). Thanks