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Drawing History:View and export drawings from previous sessions, including previous revisions, and export drawings as DWG and MDD files, on a per-file basis.Color Appearance Editor:Review and edit a drawing’s color appearance settings and apply color appearance changes instantly, across the entire drawing.Drafting Assistant:Suggested the draft of a drawing to the user.Color Mixing:Mix two or more colors from the same family and save the result.Vertexing:Vertex with minimum number of points.Fitted View in Geometry Tool:Fitted view, which provides an approximate visualization of a 3D shape as a 2D view.Layer Editor Improvements:Rotate, rotate all, and zoom on layer.Importing from BIMx:Import BIMx from Autodesk Revit, Bentley, CAB Archive, and other models.VR world view:Add points and lines in the virtual world.Mapping:Navigate between drawings using global co-ordinates.Batch commands:New commands that create, move, and rename groups of objects.Drafting Tools:Use the Grbl tool in the Drafting toolbox to create new layers.Support for UI natively based on Angular:Cut-and-paste allows you to cut a portion of a path from one place to another, or cut and copy the path, and paste it in another place.Interactive flyover support:Replace Intersect and Merge with Extent.Cross-window cuts and pastes:The new AutoCAD cross-window cuts and pastes allow you to use cuts and pastes between windows with two different applications.AEC graphics:An AutoCAD plugin that allows you to import 3D models, BIMx files, and more.Enhanced support for DXF and DWG files:Read DWG and DXF files on-the-fly, with the ability to dynamically add and modify objects.Enhanced cad tools:Enhanced cad tools including rib draw and a new Trim command for running in edit mode.Improved floating toolbars:Improved floating toolbars, including improved toolbars for the Markup Manager, 2be273e24d



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